Our Therapeutics

Commence is founded on the vision that cancer and inflammatory diseases will be optimally treated with MSC1 & MSC2 cell therapies

MSC1:  A first-in-class immuno-oncology platform
:  An efficacious, next-gen, anti-inflammatory MSC  cell therapy

Our Technology

(Stimulated Toll-like Receptor Technology [STaRTTM] emulates nature  by presenting danger-signal mimetics to cellular “antennae” [TLRs]

Applying STaRT to mesenchymal stem cells [MSCs] yields a potent anti-tumor MSC1 or anti-inflammatory MSC2 cell type

Primed MSC1 and MSC2 cells are imbued with greater migratory capabilities, and thus effectively home to the sites of immune dysfunction.  There, the cells exert their therapeutic action via paracrine effects and cell-to-cell contact.

In seven (7) different pre-clinical models of disease, primed MSCs reboot proper immune function via a multi-pronged mechanism of action.

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Human Therapeutics Pipeline

Immuno-oncology:  MSC1 therapies are a first-in-class platform expected to share the favorable safety profile of naive, unprimed MSCs, while demonstrating the potent anti-tumor effects exhibited in ovarian cancer pre-clinical studies.

Inflammatory diseases:  MSC2 immunotherapy was more effective in driving remyelination and improving clinical scores in demyelinating disease models than naive/unprimed MSC treatments.  The lead MSC2 indication is CMB-200 for optic neuritis and multiple sclerosis.

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What We Do

Commence Bio is developing novel cellular immunotherapies for cancer and inflammatory diseases using proprietary STaRT technology.  We’re also developing cells and media for veterinary medicine, research, and 3D bioprinting.

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